Welcome to St Neots’ first community zero waste shop!

What is the Refill Shop?

The Refill Shop is a zero-waste community shop, where you can buy exactly as much as you need. Bring your own container, weigh out how much you need of our goods, and pay only for that – no extra, no fuss.

How does it work?

  • Step One: Weigh your container! Write the weight on the container, so that we can figure out exactly how much you want to buy.
  • Step Two: Fill her up! We have a wide range of products to choose from, from plain white rice to raw cacao powder. Come into the store or check out our stock list.
  • Step Three: Bring it to the counter. We’ll measure the full container, and figure out the exact amount that you’re buying – then charge you just for that.

What do you sell?

We have a wide range of food, cereals, grains, dried fruits, sugars, lentils, beans… etc, etc. We also stock a selection of shampoos, toiletries, washing up liquids, and cleaners, and zero-waste items. And, of course, we have the Rawtangle artisan Vegan Chocolate, hand-made and exclusive for the Refill Shop.

Click here for the full stock list!

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